HR Automation Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

As Bo shares with us, there are big benefits even if you start small. Read an excerpt from our interview with Bo Kaburov below.

Karen: automation is scary for a lot of HR OPs leaders that don’t have the experience to understand how it works. How do we get our leaders comfortable with automation?
Bo: While it sounds scary, it presents a great leadership opportunity for HR Operations leadership. As we slowly recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, forward-thinking companies will continue to embrace intelligent automation and business process transformation to help drive quality, efficiencies and optimization. Companies will begin to also consider the resilience of these processes. HR operations will need to become more competitive in how it serves it’s organization by improving performance, quality and speed. New technologies will push HR Operations in a new direction and transformAI is there to help guide this effort.
Karen: What are the first steps my HR Ops peers can take to start their automation journey or accelerate it?
Bo: Virtually, all HR functions can be automated to some degree. First, processes in place will need to be evaluated and possibly reengineered to benefit from orchestrated intelligent automation. Next, once the processes have been identified and prioritize, select a few that will bring immediate success. In my experience, companies first choose the “low hanging fruit” processes and deploy them within 6 to 8 weeks. Once these automations are stable, HR Operation professionals can build upon those successes by continue to move to automate more complex processes.
Karen: Do you think orchestrated intelligent automation can help HR OPs leaders as the market “reopens”?
Bo: Absolutely! Without question. It just needs to be executed correctly. HR Operations can rapidly turn cash flow positive within the first year of automation. TransformAI can be a trusted partner in this journey.
Karen: Thanks, Bo, for your time and insight. I hope we get to talk again soon.
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