Merging HR Ops and your workforce is vital to M&A success.
You need a plan and a team that is fast, thorough, and experienced.


The Agenda

  • Governing and Communication
  • Discovery
  • Planning and Key Actions

Mergers and acquisitions are a quick way to grow a company, but so many fail because the human resources are merged poorly. Merging teams requires a plan and a team that understands it.

mergers and acquisitions

Achieving synergy during a merger or acquisition is the key to success. Many M&As have failed because not enough attention was paid to HR synergy. It starts with a plan and a team.

The Goals

  • Achieve Synergy
  • Maintain Compliance
  • Reduce Risks
  • Eliminate Redundancies


HR Operations functions are seldom a like for like comparison across organizations. 
 Don’t settle for a boiler plate HR synergy target that you are unlikely to meet.

Realistic Targets

Realistic targets in HR synergy aren’t as easily defined as production and sales synergy. HR operations from firm to firm are rarely compatible immediately. The team at quotient|HR creates targets you can actually achieve!

Better than expected outcomes​

Overdeliver! quotient|HR delivers better than expected HR synergy returns 80% of the time! By setting realistic goals and knowing how to reach them, we help our clients build stable, strong companies.

M&A Harmonization

Harmonization starts with processes, not policies. Although most leaders start with policies, quotient|HR starts with processes. By harmonizing hundreds of processes, we save time, money, and headaches. We streamline and prioritize the processes that need to be harmonized. All of this leads to better employee experiences and higher ROIs. It exponentially increases your likelihood of M&A success long-term.


How, why, and when you integrate HR operations are critical decisions we guide you to. With two criteria, employee experience and cost-effectiveness, in mind, we create a strategy and roadmap to your success. Then our team executes a complete, seamless integration for you.

Quick Fix Model for Private Equity

Private Equity needs results fast. Our Quick Model for Private Equity delivers results in 90 to 120 days. Across multiple vertices, we deliver results, starting with helping you decide which targets need a healthy HR Operations functions. In PE, it’s all about ROI; quotient|HR delivers ROI from your HR Operations.

Karen Hasenauer, the founder of quotient|HR, is a Senior Executive Advisor for HR Operations for GPMIP. She put together a team that helps with every aspect of your M&A and PE events. Let us show you our 120-day success model!
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