Workshops and Training

executives at a workshop
quotient|HR offers custom designed and package Workshops and Training designed to unlock personal and organizational potential.
Each workshop is energizing, relevant and produces sustainable impact.

Action Creation Workshops

Expert facilitation to take your organizational people challenges (from empowerment, communication to recognition) from problems to workable solutions. Our method is tailored to fit the situation and includes approaches such as interviews, focus group discussions and interactive action workshops. We work with you to determine the right approach

Engagement and Communication Acceleration

Increasing engagement, trust and personal impact by understanding how you and others communicate, asking powerful questions, identifying verbal and non-verbal cues and uncovering underlying thinking.

Resilience in the New Normal

Focusing on supporting individuals to work effectively in our ‘new virtual working world’. Exploring both individual aspects of fostering personal resilience and the keys to effective teamworking in our new working environment.

Best People Practices

Tailored workshops to share our reach seam of insight into what the best organizations do that gives them the edge in all areas of the people experience from hiring through to communication and development.

Leadership 101

For new and growing leaders, providing insightful, practical and hands on learning experience from selecting your “A” team, communication, accountability, trust, and leading with purpose.

Management Behaviors

Signposting, considering and engaging with the importance of ‘how’ work is done in terms of driving high trust/high engagement work places

Possibility Acceleration: Individuals and Teams

Understanding and leveraging how we can individually accelerate personal and organizational change, achieving more than we thought possible through a thought provoking, interactive learning process concluding with a detailed action plan.

Possibility Acceleration: Strategic Planning Process & Execution

Leveraging Possibility Acceleration, break-through the typical “strategic” process and achieve more than ever thought possible with a strategic plan and sustainable execution process.
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