It takes the right people to find the right people!

HR Ops Talent Pipeline

recruiting talent pipeline

recruiting talent pipeline

People Who Know

The best people to hire staff in any department are the ones who know the work best. quotient|HR only works in HR Ops; we know the right people.

recruiting talent pipeline

Our Contacts

Truly superior HR people are a small community. Since our team has been leading the community for years, we know almost everyone.

recruiting talent pipeline

A Meticulous Hiring Process

We wouldn’t send anyone to you that we wouldn’t hire ourselves. Every candidate goes through an in-depth screening process before you ever meet them.

recruiting talent pipeline


The future will require new skills from your HR Ops team. Since this is what we do, we predict what’s next. We deliver your next employee with the future in sight.

recruiting talent pipeline

“It takes one to know one.” The team at quotient|HR are the best HR Ops experts in the world. We can spot the people who know their stuff and deliver them to you – worldwide!

Why choose us for your HR Operations recruiting?

As thought leaders in HR Operations leadership and management, we know more about HR Ops than almost anyone. When we select a staff member for you, they’re always the right people.

The HR Operations Talent Pipeline

We never start from scratch looking for candidates. We have thousands of qualified, experienced candidates already on file. We have who you need at our fingertips – even if you need a specific or unique skill.

Upskilling/Cross-Skilling Considerations

What will the future look like in HR Ops? You may not know, but it’s our job to. We don’t help you find the person who will simply fill the position you have now; we deliver the person who will fill the position that will exist five or ten years from now.

Leadership Matters

Every HR Operations leader is different. Since there aren’t established guidelines and curriculum for HR Ops, each director, manager, and supervisor learned slightly different skills. We help you figure out what you really need, then we find the perfect person to meet that need.

Mass Hiring and Talent pools

The team at quotient|HR has stood up hundreds of service centers and functional pools. Not only can we build it from scratch, we can staff it. If you have needs in an existing center, let us know; we can staff if quickly.

Transparency, Reasonable Pricing

We’re HR Ops professionals who are excited to help grow HR Ops into a clearly defined role and skill set. Part of that is staffing our peers with your company. That’s why our pricing for recruitment is transparent and also reasonably priced.

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The quotient|HR HR Operations Talent Pipeline site!

The first talent board dedicated only to HR Ops professionals.
Find the right candidates quickly and easily with the world’s largest pool of talent! Check back soon.

Technology is at the heart of HR Operations.
Learn what you need to know in HR Ops from People Drive Tech.
They’re awesome! So awesome, their founder is on our advisory board.

The Right HR Operations Staff when You Need Them - Fast!

Recruiting Talent Pipeline

let Quotient|HR be your recruiting talent pipeline. “It takes one to know one.” The team at quotient|HR are the best HR Ops experts in the world. We can spot the people who know their stuff and deliver them to you – worldwide!

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